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     Gemtree Park Candy Rose    in foal to Silver Star Khudu for 06 foal.

    Kildaire Lollypop   in foal to La Yuqwam Hobo for a 2006 foal.

   Cooper S Endless Gossip                 FOALED  12/08/06

   Mini World Christmas Cheer
In foal to DD Follow The Rising Star  for 06

    Sandalwood Lioness - In foal to Longwoods Classic Blazing Guns for  06
                    (Owned by Mitch O'Brien)

   Sweet Serenade - In foal to Longwoods Classic Blazing Guns for 06
                     (Owned by Nick O'Brien)

  Mini World Maggie T - In foal to Longwoods Classic Blazing Guns for a 2006 foal.


We also have two mares expecting 2006 foals for sale on the sales page!


"Minita Little Star"


Out of:- "Weeny One Lakita and by"DD Follow The Rising Star" MHAA(Sire).

This gorgeous little guy is a Chestnut Taffy Pinto.  B/H 18" D.O.B. 24/12/05   



"Minita Blackjack"
(Pend reg AMHA)


Out of:- "Gemtree Candy Rose" AMHA (Dam) and "Gemtree Park ACE OF SPADES" MHAA/AMHA(Sire).

This gorgeous little guy is a ?burnt buckskin with two blue eyes.  He is very fine with a fantastic length of leg and compact proportioned little body.  This colt has fantastic movement and a gorgeous temperament, he will go far and be very competitive in the show arena. 

 B/H 20" D.O.B. 25/9/05    






"Minita's Lies and Innuendo"
(Reg MHAA)

Out of:- "Cooper S ENDLESS GOSSIP" (Dam) and "DD Follow the Rising Star" (Sire).

We are well pleased with this flashy little colt who possesses a great length of leg, and has a lovely presence about him. He moves very gracefully for such a young foal and we have high hopes for him in the show ring.  He is full brother to Minita Flaming Arrow below.

 B/H 22" D.O.B. 4/8/05    








           Mum made me a Cubby House!           


This foal has already been sold to a show home.  His full brother has achieved NSW and Qld State Grand Champion for 2005.




"Minita Ramblin' Rose" (MHAA)

Rose is a rich bay filly with a cute little head and sweet mischievous nature that make her hard to resist.  She is one of those horses that loves to be with you and see what you are doing.

B/H 19" D.O.B. 6/12/04        SIRE:- "Double Dee Snippet the Challengar"        DAM:- "Ravenslea Jade"


"Minita Bad Moon Rising" (MHAA)

Syd is a Silver taffy colt with a stunning head and nice straight, long length of leg
B/H 21" .
This little guy will be a great colour producer due to his breeding. 

D.O.B. 6/10/04         SIRE:- "Double Dee Follow The Rising Star" (30.5")         DAM:- "Leegray Melody "



"Minita Flaming Arrow" (MHAA)



Stunning little bay sabino tobiano colt.  Flame is our first colt from DD Follow the Rising Star, he is also a loudly coloured foal from this sire who has proven himself to be great colour producer for us. This little guy measured  24" at birth and as you can see he has legs galore hence his tall birth height. He shows the distinct little "Hobo" head with a large white blaze and four tall white socks.


D.O.B. 14/08/04          
 SIRE:- Double Dee Follow The Rising Star (30.5")            DAM:- CS Endless Gossip




"Minita Sparkles and Shines" (MHAA)

Stunning little filly Silver Dapple Taffy.   Birth height 16"

D.O.B. 3/2/04      SIRE:- Double Dee Follow The Rising Star (30.5")      DAM:- Mini World Maggie T (35.25")


"Minita Whistlin Dixie" (MHAA)


Stunning little filly, Birth height 20"

SIRE:- Double Dee Follow The Rising Star (30.5")  

DAM:- Leegray Melody (34.25")Chestnut pinto.



"Minita Peggy Sue" (MHAA)

Cute as a button this little filly measured 19" at birth.


SIRE:- Double Dee Follow The Rising Star (30.5")   

DAM:- Weeny One Lakita (33")Chestnut


"Minita Chantilly Lace" (MHAA)

Stunning little filly Birth height 22"


SIRE:- Carala Sundancer Silver Dapple Taffy (32")

DAM:- Mini World Maggie T (35.25")


Minita Slice of Heaven


Silver and White Pinto filly - birth height 21"  (sadly no longer with us)


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